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What are the different types of high-visibility clothing?

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There isn’t any one-size-fits-all hi-vis clothes that would fit every worker and meet their safety requirements. The requirements for hi-vis garments vary according to the work site and the applications. 

There are different hi-vis clothing standards. It ensures every industry worker gets the right high-visibility clothing for their working purposes. 

What is hi-vis clothing, and why is it crucial for safety?

High visibility clothing is an apparel having fluorescent and highly refractive elements. These elements in the jackets make the most for any reflective light. These helps the workers to work in the dark environments nd protects them from accidents or other similar situations. 

The increased visibility of the workers is a must for them. And when they are working around the moving vehicles and the equipments, it becomes a mandatory thing. From the small village roads to the runways at the airports, hi-vis clothing for the workers contributes to their comprehensive safety program. 

Is it essential for the workers and the safety managers to know about the rules?

The workers and the safety managers should always be aware of the safety rules and regulations for the workwear jackets. It helps them decide which one should be the best for the workers. Therefore, the safety managers should know the safety guidelines.

What are the three different types of hi-vis clothing?

The three different types of hi-vis clothing are Type R, Type P, and Type O. Type O means off-road, R means roadway, and Type P means Public Safety. 

Type O

This type of workwear provides daytime and nighttime visual enhancement for the workers in the occupational environments. These safety jackets protects them from the speeding vehicles, equipment and machinery. However, they are not exposed to the highways, or to the temporary traffic control zone. Workers who need type O hi-vis jackets are as follows.

  • Workers responsible for outdoor maintenance or cart collection in the parking lots.
  • Workers in the factories or warehouses directly work with the equipment traffic.
  • Workers in the gas or oil industry locations where visibility is a significant concern.

You can find Type P high-visibility clothing at Entire Workwear in Australia. 

Type R

They are for workers who are exposed to traffic movements on roadways. From public access highways to roadway TTC zones, workers in these places need this type of jacket. Workers who need Type R workwear are as follows.

  • Crossing Guards.
  • Road construction workers.
  • Airport ground crew members.
  • Toll and parking workers.
  • Towing operators.

Type P

These types of jackets are suitable for emergency workers or emergency incident responders. They can access the public highways or the TTC zones from equipment and vehicles within an activity area. This type of clothing is essential for first responders who are exposed to multiple sources of hazards. Workers who need type p hi-vis jackets are as follows.

  • Law enforcement officers.
  • Firefighters.
  • Emergency medical response officers.

Hi-vis clothing is an influential segment of your safety plan. Therefore, if you are a worker responsible for working in the exposed regions where international emergency standards are required, you should get the hi-vis workwear. 


With three different types of workwear, you can get a suitable one for yourself. As the project managers or the owners of the companies, if you have workers working under your bag, you should get them hi vis jackets of the respective type for their safety. And for hi-vis clothing online, you can always reach out to Entire workwear in Perth and get your products. They have different categories of hi vis jackets which can suit your requirements.

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