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How to Replace a Car’s Side Window | Blue Diamond Auto Glass

by Bella watson
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Is your car’s side window broken? Whether it is caused by an accident or by a robber, you need to fix it right away for safety. It might seem hard to replace a car window, but if you have the required tools and the manual, you can do it yourself. Go through this guide and your manual to help you replace the window, but remember, every car is different.

  • Start the car side window replacement process by finding a new piece of glass. The auto glass specialists at Blue Diamond Auto Glass can help you with this.
  • Then, remove the inside panel under the window to get to its mount. Peel back the vapor barrier to reach the inside of your car under the window. 
  • Next, adjust your window height if needed to work on it. 
  • Carefully take out the broken window by removing any screws or clips holding it. 
  • Finally, reverse the steps to install the new window and secure it.
  • Put back the vapor barrier
  • Reattach the interior panel in that order.

If you do not have much automobile know-how or find the process overwhelming, you can seek professional assistance. 

A Step-By-Step Guide to Replace a Car’s Side Window

Follow the steps mentioned below to replace your car’s side window. 

Search For a Replacement Window

First, find a replacement window that matches the model and make of your car. Your local auto parts store or a reputed auto glass store can help you find the right replacement window. 

Removing the Broken Window

Now, remove the broken window carefully. To do this:

  • Clean up any broken glass inside the car. You can use a shop vacuum for this purpose. 
  • Now, remove any screws, clips, or bolts which hold the door trim panel in place (The car’s manual can help you find them, as they might be hidden or need other parts removed first.)
  • You might also need to remove the cranks on windows or door handles to get to the panel. 
  • Use a knife or a trimming tool to carefully pry off the plastic trim without breaking it. 
  • Once it is removed, you can take off the vapor barrier 
  • Now, clean up any glass inside the door with the vacuum.

Installing the New Window

The next step for the car’s side window replacement after removing the broken glass window is to install the new window. To do this:

  • Move the window to reach the screws.
  • Unplug the window motor.
  • Take off the rubber seal at the top of the door.
  • Unscrew and take out the old window parts.
  • If needed, fix the path on which the window moves.
  • Put the new window in carefully.
  • Screw back the parts to hold the window in place.

Reassembling it

Now, to put everything back together, follow these steps:

  • Fix the window track and put everything back. 
  • Connect the wires before fixing the door trim. 
  • Test if the window moves up and down smoothly. If it does, that’s good! If not, find adjustment screws in the door panel and fix them. 
  • Reattach the vapor barrier, door trim, and any hardware like handles or weather stripping. 
  • Gently tap the door trim into position if needed.

So this is how you can replace your car’s side window by yourself. However, if you find the process overwhelming or are not confident enough to do it yourself, it is best to seek professional help. 


In conclusion, replacing a car’s side window can be done step by step. First, find the right replacement window for your car. Then, carefully remove the broken window, clean up any glass, and install the new window. Finally, reassemble everything back together. If you’re unsure or overwhelmed, it’s best to get help from a professional.

Experts at Blue Diamond Glass, use advanced tools and follow the latest procedures for replacing car windows to ensure precision and quality repair service. They can help you with replacing your car’s side window. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the window on the side of a car called?

The small window in the front door of a car or on each side near the back window is called a quarter glass window. 

2. Can you replace one side of the glass on the window?

One side of the glass on a window can be replaced, but it is a very complicated process, and the risk of damaging the window while doing this is very high as each plane is glued to the window sash. 

3. Can I drive my car with a broken side window?

It’s not safe to drive your car with a broken side window. It is highly not recommended and worth the risk. You may end up causing serious injuries to yourself or the passengers in your car. 

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