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Ways to maintain your upholstery in its original form

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If you purchase upholstery products at your home, you are bound to apply efforts for its cleaning and maintenance. For extensive use, you need to avail yourself of good quality upholstery cleaning product. When maintained properly, the color and style of upholstery can be maintained. If not maintained properly, your upholstery can get worn out. Our company employees are well-experienced in upholstery products. This will retain its appearance in an eye-soothing form. In this article, there will be a few pieces of advice on how to maintain your furniture so that its lifespan is enhanced.

Preserving the shape of cushions

As we sit on the sofa or any other furniture, we press the fluffy cushions. With time, they start losing their shape. This is a poor reflection of the condition of the upholstery products. The sofa or other fluffy furniture starts losing shape as the fabrics start stretching.

To retain its shape, you need to fluff up and flip the removable parts. This is done every time the upholstery is vacuumed. This might be a prolonged procedure. However, it will help you maintain the shape of the cushions. Also, it will prevent regular wear and tear.

Thorough and regular vacuuming of the upholstery

Upholstered products possess a lot of dirt and dust particles along with microbes similar to rugs and carpets. To preserve the proper condition of the upholstery, we would suggest you subject it to regular vacuuming. It will prevent the appearance of furniture from becoming dull.  

With soft bristles at the end of the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, you can remove dirt from the sofa. You have to take notice that the vacuum cleaner reaches the corners and folds to pull out dirt from there as well. When dust continues to settle in corners, it destroys the fabric of the sofa.

Take care of the stains and spills on the upholstery products.

Stubborn spots from food items are not only a pity problem. When stains from spills are unattended for a prolonged period, they start setting. This will eventually damage the product. For this step of maintaining upholstery, you will need a good quality upholstery detergent. Stains that have become old are tough to remove. This is because you cannot determine the type of stain after a certain period.

The ideal way to prevent stains from settling is to try to remove them immediately. As our expert professionals say, they ignore and allow stains to settle down on sofas for a long time. You can use a proper detergent for your upholstery. If you are getting professional help, they will get your upholstery cleaned properly.

However, before removing the stain from the sofa, you need to read the label properly. This will give you an idea of the fabric that it is made of. Thus, you can use the appropriate detergent. You need first to determine whether the upholstery detergent is safe for your sofa or not. You can apply this in a small area first.

Removal of pet hair from soft upholstery

If you are rearing pets at your home, then you are quite aware that pet hairs are all around. This is a very tedious thing to remove. Proper vacuuming is always unable to remove all the pet hair from furniture. Before you begin to clean, you need to ensure that there are no dust particles on the sofa. Using an upholstery brush containing medium to firm bristles, you need to remove pet hairs from the surface. However, if there is a lot of pet hair to be removed, you can simply wipe it off wearing rubber hand gloves.


Upholstery products at your home should be regularly maintained. Through regular vacuuming, protecting the cushions, and removing pet hair, they can be properly protected. Also, cleaning the upholstery using detergents suitable for the fabric is vital. Due to the high-end services it provides to its customers, Cleancare is one of the established companies that has made its name in the cleaning industry. So avail of our services now.

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