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Top Luxury property

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Welcome to TopLuxuryProperty, Dubai’s premier real estate consulting company. We redefine opulence in the real estate market, providing a one-stop destination for individuals seeking exquisite living spaces and lucrative investment opportunities in Dubai.

Founder & CEO: Mr. Manuj Garg

At the helm of Top Luxury Property is our visionary Founder & CEO Manuj Garg. With a profound passion for real estate and a keen understanding of market dynamics, Manuj Garg has been the driving force behind the establishment and success of our esteemed firm.

Top Luxury Property

What We Do

We specialise in the buying, selling and renting of luxury properties.

Why Us

Expertise: Seasoned professionals with deep local market knowledge.
Exclusivity: Specializing in luxurious and sought-after properties.
Client-Centric Approach: Personalized services tailored to your needs.
Market Insight: Informed decisions with valuable market insights.
Transparent Communication: Open, honest, and clear in all dealings.
Comprehensive Services: Full-suite solutions from valuation to paperwork.
Proven Success: Satisfied clients and a track record of excellence.


Investment Advisory
Rental Services
Property Management

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