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Top Employee Attendance Tracking Software For Your Business

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Employee attendance tracking software optimizes the leave and attendance management procedures for remote employees. Are you wondering which software is best for your business? The answer is TrackoField’s attendance tracking software. Keep reading for more details! 

Although conventional modes of marketing are still popular, traditional methods of managing workflows are taking a backseat. Do you know why? Due to the fast-moving business landscape and the introduction of robust technologies. The traditional way of managing employee attendance and leaves was indeed challenging. However, as employee attendance tracking software came to the red carpet, the entire procedure was automated. Read on to find out what is best for your business. 

Employee Attendance Tracking Software: An Overview 

Employee time tracking and leave management manually is a tedious task. An employee attendance management system is a software solution that automates these processes to make them simpler. The software streamlines the entire procedure and reduces the risk of manual errors. What’s more? The features of the software help both the management and field forces save time. Overall, business investment in employee attendance tracking software is fruitful for businesses in many ways. 

Best Employee Attendance Tracking Software For Your Business 

Sometimes choosing the best attendance-tracking software becomes as daunting as picking the right outfit for a party. Isn’t it? But now it’s as easy as a breeze. Companies often prefer investing in TrackoField’s attendance management software to automate their procedures. Why? This is because the software provides robust features and excellent after-sales support to its customers. Some of the features of TrackoField’s employee attendance management system are as follows: 

  • All-in-One Dashboard 

TrackoField provides a single dashboard for both managers and employees. The management can get insights into the attendance and leave requests of remote employees. Whereas a field force can use the software to check their leave balance and leave quotas. Additionally, the software enables remote executives to check the days off of their colleagues. This feature is worth a gold biscuit because it enables executives to analyze resource availability and plan their leaves accordingly.

  • Remote Attendance Marking 

Another key feature of TrackoField’s attendance tracking software is its ability to simplify attendance marking for remote employees. Whether you want to deal with proxy attendance or time mischief, the software optimizes each process and ensures transparency in them. An organization can enable geo-verification and biometric systems for their employees. The remote employee would either need to visit a specific location or get their face recognized in the software to mark their attendance. 

  • Manage Employee Leaves 

TrackoField’s employee attendance tracking software is no less than a bed of roses for the managers. Why is it so? This is because it helps the management manage leaves of remote employees efficiently. They can categorize leaves as casual, sick, earned, restricted, and more as per their companies’ leave policies. Simply put, the software is of great advantage to businesses as it helps expedite the entire leave request and approval process. 

  • Analytical Dashboard 

TrackoField’s employee attendance management system is designed on the principle, ‘Time is important.’ It helps the management save time by providing auto-generated attendance reports. Henceforth, the manager can analyze the absence record of the remote workforce through the software. The geographical representation of the reports makes it even easier for the employees. 

  • Integration With Payroll 

The notification that has a potential to you on cloud nine is ‘Your salary is credited.’ However, manual payroll management can lead to errors and cause dissatisfaction among employees. TrackoField’s attendance tracking software seamlessly integrates with payroll management software to streamline the entire process. Astonishing right? Besides this, the software can integrate easily with other software like task management software, order management software, and more.

  • Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

The greatest advantage of investing in TrackoField’s employee attendance tracking software is real-time alerts and notifications. Whenever the employee requests leave or the manager approves it, the system automatically sends the notifications on their respective devices. 


Streamlining attendance and leave management for the remote workforce is easy with TrackoField’s employee attendance management system. The software offers a range of features to optimize the entire procedure. The software provides a single dashboard for both employees and employers. The other features include remote attendance marking, analytical dashboard, integration with payroll, and more. So, what are you waiting for? Book your demo to try the software now! 


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