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Top 8 Different Coffee Places in Jaisalmer – JCR Cab

by JCR Cab

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan offers coffee lovers an unforgettable experience! While this vibrant city is known for its majestic forts and lively culture, Jaisalmer also has an exciting coffee scene. From cosy cafes tucked away in narrow lanes to chic establishments offering specialty brews – Jaisalmer has something for every coffee enthusiast. In this article we will highlight eight coffee places that stand out in Jaisalmer as being some of the finest coffee around and we will also address transportation options such as Car Hire in Jaisalmer for making sure your coffee-hopping journey goes smoothly!

Cafe Wanderlust: 

Address: 236 Kotri Para, near Jain Temple in Jaisalmer; 

its specialty being cosy ambience and delicious coffee beverages

Cafe Wanderlust, nestled amidst Jaisalmer’s bustling streets, is renowned for its cozy ambience and delectable coffee. Step in for an aromatic cup, served alongside delectable snacks for an enjoyable experience. Relaxed atmosphere combined with friendly staff make Cafe Wanderlust the ideal spot for unwinding while getting your caffeine fix!

The Real Taste Cafe: 

Address: Within Fort, Dhibba Para, Jaisalmer. 

Specialisation: in authentic coffee from local artisans.

Are you seeking an authentic coffee experience? Look no further than The Real Taste Cafe in Jaisalmer. This charming cafe takes great pride in offering high-quality beans from local artisans for espresso and cappuccino drinks, each one representing Jaisalmer’s rich coffee culture. Be sure to pair your beverage with some homemade cake for maximum indulgence!

Doctor Bistro 

Address: at 56 Vyas Colony in Jaisalmer near Kalakar Colony and boasts of 

Specialisation: its lively atmosphere as well as offering an extensive menu of coffee drinks.

Doctor Bistro, located in the heart of Jaisalmer, is a popular hangout spot among both locals and tourists. Step inside this vibrant cafe to take in its lively atmosphere. Enjoy everything from strong black coffee to creamy lattes at this lively cafe while taking in its bustling energy of the city.

Cafe The Kaku: 

Address: Situated within Jaisalmer Fort’s Kaku Gate on Dhibba Para Road and 

Specialisation: offering breathtaking views of Jaisalmer Fort, Cafe The Kaku offers exquisite views.

Cafe The Kaku provides an unforgettable dining experience with stunning panoramic views. Situated high on a hill, its unparalleled dining experience allows patrons to take in panoramic vistas of Jaisalmer Fort while sipping delicious coffee crafted by expert baristas while taking in breathtaking panoramic vistas of cityscape below – creating memories that will stand the test of time!

Gaji’s Cafe:

Address: Near Chhatris, Inside Fort Dhibba Para, Jaisalmer. 

Specialisation: With lavish decor and exquisite coffee selection.

Gaji’s Cafe offers an unforgettable taste of luxury with its luxurious decor and exquisite coffee selection. Savour velvety smooth espresso or cool off in the desert heat with refreshing iced coffee options; plush seating ensures that every visit to The Gaji’s Cafe provides an experience fit for royalty!

Coffee Chronicles: 

Address: 32, Near Old Fountain, Gopa Chowk, Jaisalmer

Speciality: Diverse coffee menu with single-origin beans and custom blends

Coffee Chronicles, an oasis in Jaisalmer’s bustling center, will please coffee aficionados with its exquisite offerings. Step inside this cozy cafe and experience their eclectic coffee menu; from single origin beans to custom blends, each cup is lovingly hand crafted for an exceptional coffee experience.

Cafe The Traveler’s Cup: 

Address:(89, Kotri Para, Near Jain Temple in Jaisalmer). 

Specialty: Eclectic decor inspired by travel themes.

Experience the spirit of wanderlust at Cafe The Traveler’s Cup, an eclectic cafe that celebrates exploration. Sip your favorite beverage while you soak in its eclectic decor filled with travel memorabilia from across the globe – it’s sure to spark your wanderlust and help fuel future adventures! Plan out your next journey or look back over past adventures; this cafe provides the ideal environment to fuel it!

Brewology Cafe: 

Address: 12, Near Hanuman Circle, Police Line, Jaisalmer.

Speciality: Innovative coffee beverages and cocktails.

Brewology Cafe offers innovative brews and flavor combinations for coffee enthusiasts looking for new coffee experiences. Offering everything from experimental cold brews to decadent coffee cocktails, Brewology pushes traditional techniques out of their way – indulge your senses and embark on an extraordinary culinary adventure at this state-of-the-art cafe!

Transportation Options: Exploring Jaisalmer’s vibrant coffee scene requires having convenient transportation available. If traveling from Udaipur, taxi services or car rentals could make your journey effortless – these include Taxi Service in Jaisalmer, Cab Service in Jaisalmer options that enable easy navigating throughout this vibrant city and discovering all its hidden gems without worry!


Jaisalmer offers a wealth of coffee experiences, each promising its own distinct combination of flavors and atmosphere. No matter if you are a coffee connoisseur or simply seeking to relax with a cup of joe, Jaisalmer’s coffee spots have something special in store for everyone – embark on your caffeine-fuelled adventure now by discovering some of Jaisalmer’s best spots while taking advantage of convenient transportation from Udaipur!

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