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Is Newcastle good for international tourists?       

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Newcastle is known to be a canny city but it is worth visiting. Though many students or tourists think twice about visiting this place, in this article, you can read about the top reasons for exploring the beauty of Newcastle.  

Newcastle is a small but packed city

Visitors to Newcastle will quickly find out that this city is small but it is a perfect city. You can easily navigate on foot or use the metro system. There is so much more to explore over here which makes this place quite touristy. From the café laden suburbs of Jesmond and Heaton to the hipster’s paradise in the cultural quarter, Ouseburn and you can certainly not get bored as there are different things to do. Here you can come across some of the best Newcastle student accommodation.  

Newcastle has a fantastic foodie scene

Newcastle and its neighboring town Gatesher are blessed with a lot of food and drink hotspots. Here you can find a wealth of cuisines from across the world. Whether you love Italian or want to try some Korean food, here you can find some of the best restaurants, cades, and independent pop-ups galore. Amongst all the best restaurants over here, you can find some of the classy fine-dining establishments. This is one of the best places to get a dirty burger. From breakfast to late-night nibbles, you are in for a foodie treat.  

Newcastle has a surprising history and heritage

People might not automatically associate Newcastle with some of the rich historical buildings as well as a city that is steeped in heritage. the visitors to the Toon need to discover a castle that dates back to the 12th century. There is an unexpected Victorian tunnel, an Edwardian shopping arcade and a lot of the region’s Roman heritage in the region are available.  

There are some iconic sights

If you visit the city, you need to visit the Quayside to see the seven bridges through the River Tyne comprising of Tyne Bridge, Swing Bridge as well as blinking Eye. Newcastle as well as the North East are not short of any iconic views ensuring to tick of Angel of the North in the Gateshead.  

The people are warm

Any visitor to the beautiful city of Newcastle will be happy to get a warm Geordie welcome which makes it the right choice for a city break in the UK.  You are going to love it over here. if you are staying at a good student accommodation in Newcastle, then you can feel the warmth more.  

This city of full of art and culture

From iconic and instantly recognizable sculptures such as the Angle of the North to the subtle street art on the hidden corners, this city is bursting with imaginative expression of creativity. Here you can come across some of the best art galleries galore. Even theatre lovers can experience West End shows, new productions, and some amazing performances. The fans of live music can find some interesting performances too.  

The countryside will mesmerize you

If you are a fan of the countryside who wants to get involved in a bit of the rate and make the most of a great night out are in for a treat in the city. The proximity from the city to the coast to the countryside makes it the best option for a diverse staycation. Not only that but the metro will also take you from the city to the coast in very less time. whether it is the wilds of Northumberland or the leafy parks, this place is perfect to explore.  

Newcastle Nightlife

 The Toon is renowned for its vibrant nightlife. It is the number one place to visit for those who want to have an amazing time. The Visitors to this city will find different bars to dance the night away. You can indulge in some interesting cocktails or catch up over a local craft ale. There are a wide number of pubs located in the shipping containers. The pubs in the building date back to the 1500s. The nightlife over here is diverse and lively. The theatre-goers can find a performance which will suit everyone’s mood. You can enjoy a comedy show, live music, and more.  

Final Thoughts  

Newcastle is one of the best places to be especially if you are a student. However, if you are coming over here to pursue your higher education, then it is time to book one of the student apartments in Newcastle. Though there are many options available, Vita Strawberry Place Newcastlecan amaze you with the facilities provided.  

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