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The most popular and recent trends in composite decking 

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Installing decks at your house, office, or any other area makes it look classy, providing a solid surface for conducting gatherings and meetings. Previously, wooden decks used to be the norm. But now, the wooden decks have been replaced with composite decks. The composite decks are much more beneficial and offer better services than the wooden ones. The wooden decks used to require high maintenance requirements and also had the risk of catching mould, being attacked by insects, or rotting. 

However, composite decks do not have such issues, and their maintenance requirements are also lower. So, if you want to install the best composite decking in Melbourne, you must know about the designs and trends that are most popular at present. Like anyone else, you must also want to install a unique and long-lasting composite deck at our place. For the property of a unique deck, you must look through and decode the popular composite deck trends. And for long-lasting decks, it is necessary to opt for a reliable and efficient company. Let us first know what the popular trends and elements for composite decking are at present. 

No more monochrome; it is time for dual colours

We have all seen decks that are stunningly black, white, or grey in colour. Although they do look quite good, it is time for us to make some changes to the monochrome. The recent trend has been combining two different shades. The two shades can both be of lighter or darker shades, or you can also opt for one of the shades to be darker while the other is of a lighter shade. 

Strategically select the areas that will have different colours to complement the exteriors of your place. To decide which colour should be used on which part of the deck, seeking professional help is always recommended for the best results. 

Lighter shades are the new pick!

As you know, the recent trends have been about minimalism and simplicity. And this comes with the trend of using lighter neutral shades. The colours, beige, lighter browns, off-wire, and the like, are the ones that are roaring in the trend’s list of ues. You can also opt for lighter shades. As we have mentioned in the first trend alert, you can also use two lighter shades to bring two trends together in your composite deck. 

Additionally, the lighter colours have the advantage of reflecting and not absorbing the heat from the sun and the environment. As a result, the deck remains cooler, or relatively cooler than the darker-shaded composite decks, especially during the warm weather. You can always ask your decking suppliers in Melbourne for recommendations and the most popular variable colours of the decks at present, as they are the ones who are most skilled and experienced about compote decks and their recent popular trends! 

Install custom lights. 

How about making your decks decked up with lights? Yes, a recent widespread practice has been installing lights on your decks. It is not only aesthetically appealing but also a highly functional trend. The light helps in making the deck more visible and also makes the actual colours of the deck look modified. The light helps prevent any accidents, collisions, or tripping over the decks. Additionally, you can readily choose to install custom lights of the colour, shape, and location you want, given the recommendations from the professionals. 

Final Words

Embracing modern trends in composite decking can significantly enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor spaces. Moving beyond traditional monochrome, introducing dual colours, and opting for lighter shades can give your deck a fresh, contemporary feel while keeping it more relaxed and more comfortable during warmer months. Now that you know the different trends of composite decking, let us tell you how you can ensure not just the most unique but also the most long-lasting composite deck. It is when you opt for the best and most trusted composite decking supplier in Melbourne, that is, Tuff Deck. We guarantee that choosing us comes with the assurance of installing and maintaining the most robust and stylish composite deck at the best prices.

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