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7 Haunted Locations in Rajasthan You Should See – JCR CAB

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Rajasthan is always talked about for its beauty and glory, but in this blog, you’ll read about the dark side of Rajasthan. If you like haunted places and want to explore and see if the myths are true, welcome to this blog. Rajasthan has the beauty of deserts and is filled with the glorious story of historic landmarks, but a few forts and palaces are truly haunted. Even in some areas, it ranked even highest in the globe. Before further exploring it, be cautious about having a taxi service in Jaisalmer through JCR cabs. The drivers are well-trained and know what time is best for you to explore and be safe at the same time. 

1. Bhangarh Fort: India’s Most Haunted Place

– Abandoned 17th Century Fort Town 

 Located in the middle of the Aravalli Range, Bhangarh Fort is a testament to the rich history and paranormal magic of Rajasthan. Built by King Madho Singh I, this ancient fort city has legends of curses and tragic events that led to its abandonment. 

 – Entry is prohibited at night 

 The Archaeological Survey of India prohibits entry to Bhangarh Fort after sunset to protect visitors from harm. This is one of the top 5 haunted places in the world. Entry after 5 pm is not allowed. The guards ensure everybody is out till then, but few amateurs stay, and nobody knows what happens to them, so be cautious while travelling to this kind of place. The shadows and ghostly whispers that appear around the castle at night increase its mystery.

2. Kuldhara Village: Ghosts of Paliwal Brahmins

– An abandoned 19th-century village near Jaisalmer.

Kuldhara settlement, near Jaisalmer, is the site of a sad migration of its people, the Paliwal Brahmins, who are said to have cursed the settlement before leaving. 

– Eerie Ruins with Paranormal Activity.

Visitors to Kuldhara Village often describe seeing apparitions and spooky noises echoing through the lonely passageways. This is why JCR Cab provides cab service in Jaisalmer: so visitors can travel around these places cautiously and take off on time. 

3. Jagatpura: The Haunted nicely

– old properly in Village stated to Be Haunted

Within the centre of Jagatpura village lies a decrepit, nicely shrouded in thriller and dread. In line with neighbourhood lore, young girls have been sacrificed and thrown into the well, their anguished cries echoing through the night.

– Screams Heard at night time close to the well

Even today, residents claim to hear the faint cries and screams of the unlucky souls who met their tragic destiny on the haunted property. 

4. The 17th-century Brij Raj Bhavan Palace is a haunted heritage site. 

-Turned Heritage Hotel

Brij Raj Bhavan Palace, hidden in the tiny hamlet of Kota, rises both royal majesty and haunting fascination. The palace, formerly the home of Major Charles Burton and his family, now functions as a historic hotel, allowing visitors to experience its ghostly history firsthand.

5. Ramgarh Shekhawati: Abandoned Village  

 – Abandoned and haunted Village Located amidst the dry hills of 

One such jewel is the Shekhawati region. Jhunjhunu, Nagaur, Sika, and Churu are all located in northeast Rajasthan and span a few hundred kilometres. Even though the Shekhawati area is located inside the well-known triangle of Delhi-Jaipur-Bikaner, it is sometimes overlooked in favour of more popular targets. It is clear why most people bypass Shekhawati. 

Shekhawati, Ramgarh bears the traces of a past marked by famine and despair. The dilapidated halls and deserted streets are a ghostly reminder of the Village’s dark past. 

 – Spooky Ambience and Desert Haveli 

 Visitors to Ramgarh often talk about their experiences as if the ghosts of the old inhabitants are still in the ruins.

6. Chand Baori Stepwell: 

-A Portal to the Supernatural with 13 floors, 3,500 narrow steps, and a haunting aura.

Stepwells are the scariest. Wherever you see or go, the darkness it holds can make you sure and happy that you are alive right now. Hidden in the rural surrounding areas of Abhaneri, Chand Baori Stepwell is a masterpiece of ancient engineering and mystical mystery.

– eerie sounds echo at night

As nightfall falls over Chand Baori, the air becomes heavy with murmurs and spooky echoes, as if the souls of the past are calling from the depths beneath. Visitors daring to explore its depths may witness ghostly apparitions and strange events.

7. Rana Kumbha Royal Residence: Echoes of the Past

– Demolished 15th Century Royal residence in Chittorgarh

This one is so scary, even including the story of the movies that were made. The topic is so sensitive that nobody talks about it to protect their peace. Perched on a rugged peak in Chittorgarh, Rana Kumbha Royal residence is a quiet witness to Rajasthan’s riotous history and persevering puzzles. Once the home of Rani Padmini, the royal residence presently echoes with the whispers of the past.

– Interesting Lights, Sounds Experienced Here

Visitors to Rana Kumbha’s Royal residence frequently report sightings of shadowy figures and bizarre lights glinting in obscurity. Rani Padmavati was one of the most beautiful women in the state, and her story became so tragic. The substantial sense of history and waiting spirits make it a must-visit destination for those captivated by Rajasthan’s frequented legacy.


Rajasthan invites explorers and seekers. The must-see spots in Rajasthan, whether near historic forts, abandoned villages, or intriguing stairs, guarantee an exciting excursion into the magical world. Begin your adventure with JCR Cab, exploring more cities like Udaipur, where  Car Rental in Udaipur is your trusted friend, while you explore Rajasthan’s heritage.

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