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Why are a MOT test and car servicing required for vehicle?

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MOT Explanation

Most countries must perform a legal test to maintain the vehicle for roadworthy condition. An authorized test is carried out essentially to meet required safety and environmental standards which is known as MOT. MOT stands for Ministry of Transportation. All the necessary rules and regulations taken forward are highly responsible by the government as each of the guidelines followed by the inspector is developed under the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA). This test is designed for those vehicles that complete their third anniversary on the date of registration. Those vehicles that are driven on the road must undergo MOT tests, each of these varieties of vehicles are categorized on the basis of classes. It consists of Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 5A, Class 6, Class 6A, and Class 7. Every class has a different category and required age to perform a test. During the testing process, the vehicle goes through numerous checks both interior and exterior, it consists of brakes, mirrors, lights, exhaust system, suspension, steering, windscreen washers, and many more. Apart from all these components, those whose conditions are not taken look over are the clutch, gearbox, and engine. 

Preparing of MOT Test 

It is way simpler than what we think when preparing the vehicle for the MOT Reading test. Taking such actions in timely detail would help to increase the vehicle’s performance along result in passing the test in the first place. Following are some of the concerning factors which can help the vehicle to prepare for the test. 
-Lights: All the lights that are embedded in the vehicle consist of headlights, indicators, brake lights, and tail lights. Each of these lights should be in proper functioning condition. If it requires any damage or defect then it should be resolved at an early stage. 
-Tyres: It is those components that directly come into contact with the road surface. The tyres are composed of tread depth that to the legal 1.6mm. Apart from this, the underinflation or wear and tear situation might impact the vehicle performance as it results in to major cause of failure in the test. These misfunctioning factors of tyres should be rectified before taking the vehicle for the test. 
-Exhausts: If the vehicle contains some leaks or you listen to some abrupt noises then it means there is some defect with the exhaust system. Particularly any excessive smoke caused because there might be a problem with the vehicle’s exhaust. It should be resolved so as to get rid of test failure. 
-Mirrors: All the vehicle’s mirrors should be perfectly secured, intact, and broken free to ensure that they will be in proper working condition to pass the test. 

Overview About Car Servicing 

At first, Car servicing seems to be a hassle and quite expensive. However, it is an annual health check to keep the vehicle maintained both mechanically and technically. This service is crucially important for the vehicle so as to provide better performance with utmost safety and comfort. Regular maintenance will run the vehicle smoothly even in challenging conditions. During car servicing, it specifically helps to identify the damage and then resolve it as soon as possible. Today, drivers are more concerned about their vehicles which is why they take them at regular intervals. There are some of the tools required when your car undergoes service. It includes an oil filter remover, funnel, nitrile gloves, torque wrench, oil drain tray, car jack, axle stand, set of spanners, and screwdrivers. The only way the vehicle can progress is because of the services it has taken forward. A list is being prepared when checking the vehicle thoroughly. 

Kinds of Car Service

Depending on the vehicle categories, condition, and driving styles, car service Reading is categorized into three categories which include full service, major service, and interim service. Each of these services is performed according to the requirement of the vehicle and as per their months and miles completed. 
-Interim services are services for those vehicles which completed 6000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. Some of the parts checks include brakes, oil changes, lights, tyres, windscreen wipers, and fluid leak checks.
-Full service is another type of service performed for a vehicle that accomplished 12,000 miles or 12 months. The list of components checked in this specific service includes fuel filter, air filter change, extensive brake inspection, wheel bearing, shock absorber inspection, air conditioning system inspection, radiator and coolant checks. 
– Major services are those services designed for vehicles that completed 24,000 miles or 24 months. There are some checklists used during major service which comprise of oil filter, air filter, brakes, oil, suspension, battery check, brake fluid change replacement, light, tyres, belts check, coolant level spark plugs, emission check, fuel, power steering fluid level, level of windscreen washer, cooling system, electrical system suspension, exhaust system, lubricate door hinges, seat belts and timing belt. 

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