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Where to Locate Microphone on iPhone 11 (Full Guide 2024)

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Can’t find the Microphone on your iPhone 11? Well, no need to worry as you are not the only one. There are many people who are finding it difficult to find the microphones on their 11 as Apple has quite strategically placed these microphones on the devices. Yes, that’s correct, not one microphone but, microphones as in multiple. 

Apple has placed three different microphones in iPhone 11, all of which serve different purposes and if you wish to know where is microphone on iPhone 11 then, you simply have to complete reading the entire guide that we are giving here. This simple guide will mention the locations of all the microphones so that you can understand the placement as well as the functions. 

What are the Locations of Microphones on iPhone 11?

Looking for an iPhone 11 microphone location? No need to surf guides and the internet anymore as here, we are giving you all the details and information that you should know about the mics on your device. 

  1. At the Bottom of the Device 

The first microphone, which is quite obvious to everyone, is at the bottom of the device. You will find this microphone at the left of the lightning port and the use of this microphone is also known to many people. 

The mic is use for calls and works as the primary microphone of the iPhone 11. The optimal placement of the microphone is done to ensure that your voice is capture clearly when you are using your device for calls. 

  1. At the Front of the Device 

Many people usually think that mobile phones have only one microphone however, an iPhone 11 has three and the second microphone is present at the front of the device near the front camera. Now, you might be wondering about the use of this mic, so allow us to tell you that this microphone is primarily use for conversations and interactions with Siri.

The microphone ensures that all your commands are capture clearly by Siri without any interference from the background. The placement of the mic also makes it effective for voice recognition. 

  1. At the Back of the Device

If you are questioning where is the mic on an iPhone 11 then you should also know the placement of the last microphone on your device. The third mic is present at the back of your iPhone 11 near the camera. The main use of this microphone is capturing audio when recording videos. 

The microphone is use for all media-related functions and for recording songs and audio when you are shooting videos. The location of the mic was clear to ensure that you can record sounds effectively to compliment the visual media that you are capturing using your iPhone 11. 

These are the three microphones available on an iPhone 11 that you need to know about. All these mics serve different purposes and this is why it is very important to know about the locations of these microphones on your iPhone 11. 

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