Rajasthan, famous for its vast deserts and historical landmarks, may not be immediately associated with towering mountains; yet hidden among its diverse landscape are gems just waiting to be explored. Venture off on your mountainous adventure with Rajwada Cab – your trusted travel partner providing comfortable transportation services – and discover 10 mountains that combine natural beauty with cultural richness!

1. Mount Abu:

Kickstart your mountainous adventure in Mount Abu, Rajasthan’s sole hill station. Rajwada Cab’s efficient Tempo traveller in jodhpur ensures an uninterrupted trip to this lush oasis located amidst the Aravalli Ranges. Plus, group travel in its comfortable seats ensures an effortless arrival at this serene haven!

Mount Abu reveals its magic through Nakki Lake, an idyllic expanse that begs for exploration. Rajwada Cab offers seamless travel experiences that enable treks up Guru Shikhar, the highest peak in Aravalli Range with breathtaking panoramic vistas that mesmerize visitors. At sunset Point you can witness an explosion of colours at Sunset Point enhanced by their commitment to punctuality and comfort.

2. Achalgarh Fort: 

Nestled into the Aravalli Range, Achalgarh Fort stands as an irresistibly captivating testament to Rajasthan’s long history and provides panoramic views of its surroundings. Travel comfortably and explore this historic site thanks to Rajwada Cab cab services; dive deep into ancient architecture while taking in breathtaking mountain vistas; discover corridors of time inside this fort as Rajwada ensures a smooth trip; making your experience both historical discovery and scenic pleasure!

3. Kumbhalgarh Fort: 

Kumbhalgarh Fort, known for its sprawling fortifications that tower above Aravalli Hills, can be explored without hassle via Rajwada Cab’s cab in jodhpur. Explore its rich history as you roam along its massive walls, explore Badal Mahal and soak up views of surrounding mountains; all while Rajwada Cab ensures smooth and delightful exploration of this magnificent fortress!

4. Taragarh Fort: 

Rajwada Cab’s cab service in Jodhpur will transport you on an immersive historical journey as it takes you to Taragarh Fort, perched high atop a steep hill. Experience its tranquil sanctuary of winding walkways and breathtaking vistas before exploring its rich historical tapestry while breathing in fresh mountain air – Rajwada Cab makes your journey an enjoyable blend of history and nature, creating an unforgettable journey into the heart of Aravalli Mountains.

5. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary:

Rajwada Cab’s reliable taxi service takes you on an adventurous biodiverse expedition as you visit Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, nestled within Aravalli Ranges of Uttar Pradesh. Enjoy a comfortable journey to this natural haven where dense forests shelter a diversity of wildlife species. Explore trails of this natural oasis to spot diverse flora and fauna as you experience mountainous terrain’s breathtaking beauty – this experience promises unforgettable wildlife encounters for wildlife enthusiasts and nature enthusiasts alike! This expedition promises an unforgettable journey into nature’s wonders – make sure not to miss this expedition for memorable encounters with nature!

6. Girnar: 

Girnar, a revered mountain range near Junagadh in Gujarat and popular among Rajasthanis, makes for an intoxicating combination of spirituality and scenic allure. Rajwada Cab’s efficient cab service in jodhpur a smooth pilgrimage experience up Girnar’s peaks where temples stand witness to panoramic views that span across its surround landscapes – this makes Girnar worth discovering – especially when combined with Rajwada Cab! Make the journey memorable and comfortable using this transport option on your pilgrimage up Girnar!

7. Jawai Hills: 

Visit Jawai Hills, an oasis within Aravalli Range known for its unspoiled beauty and occasional leopard sightings. Rajwada Cab’s tempo traveler provides safe and comfortable transport to this offbeat destination; traverse rugged terrain, admire vibrant flora, and encounter wildlife in their natural environment – Jawai Hills promises an escape into nature’s canvas where each turn unfolds a new spectacle – all this with Rajwada Cab. Unlock all their magic now – join now on an unforgettable exploration experience combining allure of landscapes with wildlife delights!

8. Narlai Hills Are A Quiet Haven of Rustic Charm

Dive into the rustic charm of Narlai Hills, nestled within Aravalli Range. Rajwada Cab’s cab service in Jodhpur makes your journey simple; enjoy exploring its rugged terrain, ancient temples, and unexplored beauty with every step. Every step you take uncovers more of nature’s tranquil beauty while Rajwada Cab effortlessly transports you right into Narlai’s heart – creating an unforgettable experience amidst serene landscapes.

9. Jaisamand Lake:

Begin a relaxing journey to Jaisamand Lake, located amidst the majestic Aravalli Hills and one of Asia’s largest artificial lakes. Rajwada Cab’s efficient taxi service ensures your arrival safely at this idyllic locale; indulge in a leisurely boat ride across its crystal waters, explore nearby hills for hiking opportunities, or just bask in its peaceful beauty – Rajwada Cab will guide you there and create an unforgettable getaway experience at Jaisamand Lake with nature-and-hills harmony creating a stunning picture – let Rajwada Cab be your guide and experience the serenity that surrounds this enchanting destination!

10. Alwar Hills: Historical Hues

Discover the rich historical hues of Alwar Hills, providing a striking scenic backdrop for Alwar city. Rajwada Cab’s reliable taxi service in jodhpur allows you to traverse winding roads and explore architectural marvels such as Bala Quila and City Palace on these majestic mountains.


Rajasthan’s mountains offer an abundance of natural beauty and historical significance, making Rajwada Cab’s diverse fleet of vehicles and expert drivers an indispensable partner in exploring these majestic hills. Reserve one with us now to make sure your mountain exploration experience becomes not just a journey but an immersive one – discover hidden peaks while appreciating cultural treasures weaved throughout mountainous landscapes with us!

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