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These Can Be Disadvantages And Remedies Of Love Marriage

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The bond of marriage is a bond of two hearts. The more love, respect, understanding, love, and respect there is towards each other’s family members in this relationship, the deeper this relationship will become. Some people do arranged marriage and some people do love marriage. Be it arranged marriage or love, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

After a love marriage, whatever problems the boy or girl faces, they have to face it themselves. This is because many times the family members are not ready for love marriage. In such a situation, the boy and girl themselves decide to get married. In such a situation, they have to walk alone on the path of life. Your elders are not with you. This does not happen in an arranged marriage, because here the choice is in the hands of the family members. The marriage has been fixed as per his wish. Let us know what losses someone may face if they get into a love marriage.

Disadvantages Of Love Marriage

In a love marriage, one has to stay away from family

According to a love marriage astrologer, when someone marries for love, he has to stay away from his family, parents, and siblings even if he does not want to. This happens when you marry against your family. When your parents do not allow you to marry the girl/boy of your choice, you have to decide to get married with a heavy heart. This decision of yours is also right because you will not just throw away the person with whom you have sworn to live and die for the rest of your life. Yes, your effort should be to constantly try to convince your parents with love.

Love is not the same as before

People who cannot live without each other even for a moment, start shying away from tolerating each other for the whole day after 1-2 years of marriage. Yes, this is seen among many lovers. Most of the girls think that the boy who loved me so much before marriage does not even talk to me directly today.

Lack of family support in love marriage

Whenever elders are in need, family is in need in times of trouble, and no one is seen standing with you. This is a major disadvantage of love marriage. However, some parents gradually agree. Accept the marriage of their children. If you have also done a love marriage, then try to convince your parents with love continuously. Try to win their heart. Many families never accept this relationship.

Get cheated in love after marriage

When the person for whom you decided to leave your family and settle down starts cheating, it hurts your heart. Someone used to love you very much before marriage, but suddenly he changes after marriage, betrays you, fights, etc. making you think that you wish you had understood your parents earlier.

Remedies for Love Marriage

Love astrology provides us with various remedies that can help in removing obstacles and increasing the chances of a love marriage. Let us know about the remedies 

Worship and Mantra: 

Regularly worshiping the deities associated with love and marriage, such as Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, and Lord Krishna, can be highly beneficial. Chanting mantras like Mahamrityunjaya Mantra or Gayatri Mantra can also help attract positive energy and divine blessings.

Gemstone Therapy: 

Astrology suggests that wearing gemstones that strengthen the respective planets can be effective. For example, wearing a diamond or white sapphire can increase the influence of Venus, while wearing a yellow sapphire can strengthen Jupiter.

Astrological Puja: 

Performing specific puja or rituals under an experienced astrologer’s guidance can help pacify the planets responsible for love marriage. According to love astrology, rituals like Shukra Puja or Gauri-Shankar Puja can reduce any inauspicious effects.


In astrology, the act of charity has been considered a powerful solution. Donating items related to love and marriage, such as clothes, sweets, or money, to the underprivileged can help attract positive energy.


Fasting on an auspicious day like Friday or Monday can have a purifying effect on the mind and body. It is believed that by observing the fast God is pleased and blesses a successful love marriage.

Astrological Yantras: 

Yantras are sacred geometric diagrams that are activated to attract specific cosmic energies. Shukra Yantra (Shukra Yantra) or Shree Yantra can be used to enhance the positive effects of Venus and bring love and harmony to relationships.


Consulting an experienced talk to astrologer who specializes in love marriage astrology can provide valuable insight into your birth chart and provide personalized treatment based on your unique planetary positions.

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