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The Best Tips for Creative Illustrative Cartoon Drawing

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Cartoons have been around for long. From newspapers to television shows, we have all enjoyed the entertainment of a cartoon at some point or another.

Cartoon drawings are widespread today!

Cartoons are usually crafted to convey a message or point related to something. With a vast potential audience, they can span from illustrating the dry humor of social topics to amplifying the other relatable aspects of daily life. In addition, cartoons are often used in effective marketing campaigns.

Attempting cartoon artwork!

While cartoons might look super easy, they can be tricky. However, with practice and a grasp of drawing skills, you can transform simple outlines and shapes into quality cartoon illustrations.

The simplest cartoon drawings are made up of a few simple shapes. As a result, they are perfect for beginners to draw. You can use your art skills to break your character design into shapes!

In this article!

If you want to attempt cartoon illustration properly, continue to read this article! We will help you explore how it can help you convey your message well!

The basics of cartoon drawing!

Simple cartoon drawings do not demand much detail and precision. Moreover, they are an ideal way to express what you see!

Cartoon drawing is unique!

Cartoon illustration is a unique and engaging process. Moreover, it is a skill that anyone can learn.

The power of visual art in the form of cartoons!

Cartoon illustration is a form of visual art that uses simple and extravagant imagery to convey humor or storytelling. It often involves characters or objects created imaginatively!

Working on cartoons!

Cartoon illustrationis an essential art form that welcomes beginners and allows them to experiment with many styles. After all, everyone wants to express their creativity uniquely!

Display a unique style!

With simple shapes and clever use of light, you can create a unique and attractive cartoon character. Moreover, it embodies a specific style!

The role of simple shapes in drawing cartoons!

Knowing basic shapes is essential for cartoon illustration. Moreover, you can break down objects and body styles into shapes to make cartoons. In addition, with simple squares and circles, you can design entire characters!

Cartoon illustration displays the personalities of characters and helps them express complex emotions!

Circles and ovals are helpful when drawing faces and hands. Moreover, these shapes convey softness. As a result, they are mainly used to frame the faces of young characters or children.

You can frame strong character faces using squares and rectangles. Triangles are also used for cartoon illustration.

You can create many forms of cartoon illustration using a blend of shapes. However, it is essential to remember that a variety of shapes can convey different meanings to those viewing the cartoons.

Shapes generate feelings. Hence, they can benefit anyone looking to venture into cartoon illustration.

Understanding light and shadows helps turn your cartoon illustration into something that jumps off the page!

Using light and shadow in your cartoon drawings is critical to giving depth to your art!

Cartoon drawing styles!

All cartoons are distinct. Cartoons created through the last few decades show that every artist has a unique style of portraying their stories.

Classic style!

Classic is the oldest way of drawing cartoons. Black and white colors are mainly used for this style.

Modern style!

This is a more current style of drawing cartoons. It is common in the television and digital space. The main features of this style are bold outlines and dominant colors.

Most cartoon programs on TV are drawn in this style. Simple shapes and colors save time and money!

Realistic style!

This is an uncommon style of cartoon illustration. Moreover, it aims to portray reality in the cartoon format. In addition, it does not alter a character’s shape or color. In short, it gives the character’s look a lot of detail!

Simple style!

This style of drawing attempts to convey meaning through basic line drawings. This style mainly involves straight lines, shapes, and pastel colors. It is used primarily in video games!

Create a unique style!

You might feel like every design has been crafted before. However, just like with books, the topic may have been covered. The fact remains that no one can tell the story the way you will. The same applies to your characters. Your unique experiences and what you observe will feed into your art. As a result, you can create character designs like no one else!

There is nothing wrong with seeking motivation from experts. However, pulling your inspiration from various sources and your imagination will give you your style!

How can you improve your cartoon drawings?

Drawing cartoons and human psychology are deeply connected. Hence, if you understand this connection, you can work on cartoon illustrations that your audience will instantly connect with.

The proper cartoon illustration requires you to recognize how real people look. Moreover, it involves how they express themselves when they feel a certain way!

Cartoon illustration is simple and creative. However, adding human elements makes it attractive. As a result, you get the best cartoons. You must practice recreating various expressions to match them to your cartoon characters.

Cartoon styles vary widely. Thus, you can study and observe different styles to create the appropriate cartoon drawings.

One of the most ideal ways to get better at drawing cartoons is to watch them. It helps you learn from the experts. You must look at comics and observe how artists can capture emotion and create unique characters using shapes.

Whatever cartoon character it is you are seeking for your next masterpiece, find time to draw every day. You must build it as a habit. After all, it is the best way to improve and discover new techniques for cartoon drawings!


The world of cartoons is an open field! You can animate objects to turn them into exciting characters!

Designing a cartoon can be a challenging process. However, if you want to see your stories or convey your message animatedly, the result will be worth the effort! So, wait no longer and follow our guide to create the best cartoon drawings today!

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