Aromatherapy in other words is a form of therapy which is phytotherapeutic i.e. derived from plants. It is done using essential oils which have all the medicinal properties of plants, roots, trees, and flowers. Aromatherapy is more pleasurable and luxurious than any other method of therapy. It imparts anti-aging properties to a person with every therapy taken. In professional aromatherapy we use not just fragrant oils but therapeutic grade essential oils which have tremendous therapeutic value at the same time provide a luxurious and great experience.

If not done correctly and safely, however, the use of essential oils can have severe consequences.

Essential oils that are applied to the skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream. The constituents of essential oils can aid in health, beauty and hygiene conditions. Since essential oils are so powerful and concentrated, they should never be applied to the skin in their undiluted form. To apply essential oils to the skin, essential oils are typically diluted into a carrier such asAromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses essential oils and other  harmony in life by addressing mental and physical state of being. It uses pure and natural aromatherapy essential oils in two distinct ways – through aromatic compounds for a holistic treatment. This age old therapy creates a sense of smell and through external application.

The healing effects are ascribed to the aromatic compounds in essential oils and other plant extracts which are used to manufacture a wide range of aromatherapy products in India.

Aroma from particular blends of aromatherapy essential oils has affinity towards different systems of our body like the digestive system, respiratory system and reproductive system. Its inhalation also helps to relieve stress and related conditions. Essential oils can be applied externally by therapeutic massage or by osmosis in a bath. The massage emphasises smooth, flowing movements designed to infuse a new level of energy in the body. It increases the flow of oxygen to the tissues easing muscular aches and pains and helping with fatigue. This, in turn rejuvenates the body without leaving any toxin behind.

There are a wide number of aromatherapy products available around India, each with its own healing properties.

History of Aromatherapy

The roots of Aromatherapy can be traced back more than 3,500 years before the birth of Christ, to a time when the use of aromatics was first recorded in human history. In reality, the history of aromatherapy is linked to the development of aromatic medicine, which in the early days was itself combined with religion, mysticism and magic.

This was a time when the ancient Egyptians first burned incense made from aromatic woods, herbs and spices in honour of their gods. They believed that as the smoke rose up to the heavens, it would carry their prayers and wishes directly to the deities. Eventually, the development of aromatics as medicines would create the foundations that aromatherapy was built upon.

The Egyptians loved to use simple fragrances in their daily lives and did so at every opportunity. At festivals and celebrations women wore perfumed cones on their heads, which would melt under the heat, releasing their beautiful fragrance. After bathing, they would anoint their bodies with oil to protect them from the drying effects of the sun and to rejuvenate their skin.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

 a cold pressed vegetable oil, also known as carrier oil.

In addition to therapeutic benefits at the emotional and physical level, essential oils are helpful in other applications. Essential oils can be used in household and laundry cleaners. Some oils act as a natural insect repellent and pesticide. You may recall using citronella candles during the summer to keep mosquitoes away.

Safety Guidelines

Essential oils are volatile and may ignite if exposed to a high temperature or flame. Do not leave vaporizers or diffusers unattended.

Never take essential oils internally without consulting a medical practitioner first. Do not use oils in cooking or baking.

There are very few essential oils that can be used directly on the skin. Essential oils should be blended with a carrier oil first, such as sweet almond oil, jojoba or olive oil. Do not exceed recommended dilutions, even when adding to bath water.

Care should be taken when applying a new oil or blend of oils, and it is always prudent to perform a skin patch test before use, especially for those who have sensitive skin.

There are also certain oils that cause severe skin sensitising and are phototoxic. These should be used with great care if one will be spending time in the sun.

Here’s Why You Should Give Aromatherapy a Shot

Using essential oil to enhance beauty is a slow and time-consuming process but it doesn’t deteriorate the quality of skin like chemical laden products, that give instant beauty but are harmful in the long run.

The greatest benefit in aromatherapy lies in its ability to improve general mental and physical well-being. It helps the person to develop strong immunity against illness, stress and fatigue. It is the fastest stress release therapy and proven method for preventive treatment. Besides, aromatherapy treatment is a pleasant experience free of undesirable side effects.

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