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Random Reboots of Netgear Extender? Let’s Get Them Fixed!

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If the Netgear extender reboots on random occasions, then it is a clear sign that they are not working properly and something needs to be done. If the problem is not addressed timely, you are likely to witness Netgear Insight login or other-related problems in the upcoming future. Due to this very reason, we have penned down this post that will provide you with some fixed that you can follow to make your range extender work perfectly. Get down to the reading!

Fixed: Random Reboots of Your Netgear Extender

The most common reason why your Netgear extender takes random reboots is that it actually needs rest which you are not letting it to do. Thus, you should unplug it and keep it in the same position for a while. As soon as you feel that the extender has got enough time to rest, you can power it up once again to observe if the random reboots are still happening. If they are, follow these tips:

  1. Check the Power Socket

A damaged power socket will not be able to fulfill the power requirements of your Netgear range extender. There are chances that you have connected the extender to a damaged socket. Check it right away and if our assumptions turn out to be true, you must not wait to plug in your range extender to another outlet that is capable enough to provide sufficient electricity to your range extender. Just in case there is nothing wrong with the power socket, it is a possibility that the power issues are from the backend. Thus, you are suggested to use a UPS.

  • Disconnect a Few Devices

Chances are that you have connected too many devices to the WiFi network broadcasted by your Netgear extender due to which it is overworking. Thus, we recommend you disconnect a few devices. You must know that when the device gets too much incoming traffic, it is most likely to behave in the order that you won’t be able to make the most of it. Disconnecting devices will provide some room to the network of your Netgear extender to behave well. If that too fails to work for you, then the problem might have emerged because of an outdated firmware.

  • Upgrade the Firmware

We have already given you an idea that an outdated firmware can also lead to the random reboots of a Netgear extender. In that case, you are suggested to access the Netgear extender login window and check if a new version of firmware is available. If yes, then you must not wait to install it on your range extender. While you do that, ascertain that you carry out the process without any disturbance. If you keep refreshing the firmware update window or disconnect your extender from the router, you are most likely to witness errors that won’t lead you anywhere but will act as another problem in the path of accessing a lag-free internet connection.

To Sum Up

Random reboots of a Netgear range extender is not a big deal to fix these days. But, some people find it difficult to get rid of the issue. Since, we have mentioned some hacks in this post that will work effectively in fixing the random reboots, we are expecting that you will be able to get the issue resolved.

On the off chance, you are still facing problems, we suggest you have a look at the location of the extender. It is supposed to be free of WiFi interference creating factors. If the problem is adamant, then you also have to act adamant by performing a factory default reset of the range extender by pressing and holding its Reset button. You will have to set up your extender again after that.

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