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Orbi Mesh WiFi Router System: Hardware And Interface faculty

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Orbi WiFi mesh system is one of the most used WiFi networking devices that provides fast WiFi connection and internet services. You can easily install it in your house by connecting it to your modem via Ethernet cable.

There are three nodes that work as router as well as boosters. So, you do not need to purchase a booster or extender to expand the network signals. The Orbi device is easy to connect with modem and provides easily accessible interface to the users.

But here in this article, you will go through the hardware accessories and interface features and process of access it. Let’s start with the modem to Orbi router node connection via Ethernet cable. Then, you will see the hardware specifications including the LED color status, buttons and ports. At the last of the article, a section that contains the interface information via orbilogin.net will be added.

Connection with WiFi Router: Orbi WiFi Mesh

In this section, you will get to know how to link your home modem to the Orbi router node with the help of some steps.

  1. Take out the one of the Orbi node from the box and place it close to the modem.
  2. Find the WAN port of the router node and LAN port of the modem, then connect the Ethernet cable to the ports.
  3. After that take out other nodes and connect it to the router node, which is connected to the home modem.
  4. Now, turn the Orbi device on by connecting the power cord to it, inserting it into the wall socket, and pressing the power button.

Now, let’s see the specifications of the Orbi WiFi Mesh router system including the LED light colors, buttons and ports.

Hardware Specifications: Orbi WiFi Mesh

Here, we will provide the information of the hardware of the Orbi mesh router like what are the LED colors means, working of the buttons and different buttons.

Orbi LED Status Lights Colors

The Orbi LED light rings different colors that are solid white, pulsing white, solid magenta, and LED off. Let’s see different colors meaning one by one.

  1. Whenever the Orbi router shows the solid white color on LED, then it means your router node is ready to setup.
  2. If you see the LED status light pulsing white color again and again, it means your Orbi router is powering up or it is attempting to connect after pressing the WPS button.
  3. When your router is showing the solid magenta light, that’s mean the router has not connected to the internet.
  4. The Orbi mesh router is connected to the internet, when the LED light is off and didn’t showing any color.

In some Orbi models the LED shows the Orbi purple light that means exactly like solid magenta color status.

Orbi Power And Reset Buttons

You will find WPS button with the reset and power button on the back of the Orbi router. The WPS button is used to connect other wireless network devices. The reset button is used to clean all the router data and settings and power button turn the Orbi device on and off.

Now, take a look how you can explore the interface of the Orbi with the help of some steps.

Interface Access: Orbi WiFi Mesh

Follow the simple to apply steps to access the interface through your computer.

  1. Connect the computer with the Orbi router via Ethernet cable.
  2. Go to web browser and search the orbilogin.net URL.
  3. The computer will load up the login page, here just enter the login details.
  4. Click on the Next button and reach to the dashboard and explore the features and tools.

In Conclusion

Here, you have learned how to connect the Orbi to the router and what are specifications of Orbi mesh router. We have also added a section named interface access, which helps you to log in to the Orbi interface within simple steps.

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