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Employment Visa Process in the UAE: A Comprehensive Guide

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Navigating the process of obtaining an employment visa in the UAE worker visa involves several key steps. Here’s a breakdown:

1. Entry Visa Quota Approval

Employers must apply for an employment visa quota approval from the Ministry of Labour (MOL). This approval ensures compliance with regulations regarding the number of foreign employees a company can hire.

2. Submit Signed Employment Contract

The employer and employee must sign a standardized employment contract, outlining terms and conditions. This contract is submitted to the MOL for approval.

3. Apply for Entry Permit and Work Visa

With quota approval and a signed contract, the employer applies for the employee’s work permit and entry visa on the MOL website.

4. Obtain Employment Entry Visa

Once the work permit is approved, the employee receives an Employment Entry Visa via email, allowing entry into the UAE within 60 days.

5. Enter UAE on Entry Visa

Upon arrival, the employee undergoes medical testing and Emirates ID registration.

6. Apply for Residence Visa

Within the entry visa’s validity, the employer initiates the residence visa application on the ICA website.

7. Medical Test

Employees undergo medical testing for infectious diseases at approved centers within 14 days of arrival.

8. Submit Labor Contract

The signed labor contract is submitted to the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MOHRE) for attestation.

9. Obtain Health Insurance

Employers provide health insurance coverage per UAE labor law requirements.

10. Receive Residence Visa

Upon approval by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA), the employee receives their residence visa.

11. Apply for Emirates ID

Employees apply for an Emirates ID card within 15 days of arrival, containing visa and residency details.

12. Visa Stamping (Obsolete)

With the 2021 reforms, UAE residence visas are no longer stamped on passports, eliminating the need for visa stamping.

By following these steps, employees can secure their employment visa and embark on their career journey in the UAE smoo

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