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Cisco Cooling Tech: N5596UP-FAN-B & N56128-FAN-F Features

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It is crucial to maintain optimal performance and reliability in the dynamic field of networking technology. Leading provider of networking solutions, Cisco, provides a selection of add-ons that are essential to accomplishing these objectives. Of these, the cooling fans and heat sinks N5596UP-FAN-B and N56128-FAN-F stand out as crucial parts of any strong network configuration.

The Importance of Efficient Cooling in Network Systems:

Not only can efficient cooling increase the lifespan of your equipment, but it also guarantees steady operation, minimizes downtime, and preserves system integrity. Cisco’s cooling solutions are engineered with cutting-edge technology to satisfy these demands.

Key Features of N5596UP-FAN-B and N56128-FAN-F:

It is critical to maintain ideal temperatures in the busy world of data centers. Even the strongest equipment can be severely damaged by heat buildup, which can result in malfunctions, expensive downtime, and performance degradation. The N5596UP-FAN-B and N56128-FAN-F fan modules from Cisco become the silent defenders of your network infrastructure in this situation. Apart from their main purpose of providing cooling, these modules have numerous other features that are worth examining further.

N5596UP-FAN-B: The Airflow Maestro for Cisco Nexus 5596 Switches

The N5596UP-FAN-B is a front-to-back airflow fan module that was created especially for the Cisco Nexus 5596 switches. This switch’s unusual design pulls cool air in from the front, moves it through the internal parts, and finally releases hot air out the back. By reducing hot air recirculation inside the chassis, this method maximizes cooling effectiveness and guarantees ideal operating temperatures.

Key Features of N5596UP-FAN-B:             

Enhanced Cooling Performance: The N5596UP-FAN-B offers noticeably better cooling in comparison to conventional rear-to-front airflow configurations. This improves switch performance and reliability.

Hot-Swappable Design: This ensures that network operations are disrupted as little as possible when changing out a module without turning off the switch.

N+1 Redundancy: When the switch is in N+1 redundancy mode, it can support several N5596UP-FAN-B modules. Thus, switch failure is avoided because even in the event of a single fan failure, the remaining fans will guarantee sufficient cooling.

Intelligent Fan Control: The N5596UP-FAN-B maximizes airflow while reducing noise by automatically adjusting its fan speed in response to the internal temperature of the switch.

Environmental Monitoring: Proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance are made possible by the module’s real-time temperature and fan speed data.

Compliance with Industry Standards: The N5596UP-FAN-B complies with stringent safety and environmental standards, giving data center operators peace of mind.

N56128-FAN-F: The Powerhouse for Cisco Nexus 56128 Switches

A fan module for the Cisco Nexus 56128 switches is called the N56128-FAN-F. There are two airflow configurations available with this adaptable module: port-side intake and port-side exhaust. The ability to choose the direction of airflow permits flexible deployment in a range of data center configurations.

Key Features of N56128-FAN-F:

Dual Airflow Configuration: Based on particular data center requirements, the N56128-FAN-F offers the flexibility to select between port-side intake and port-side exhaust, enabling optimal cooling.

High-Performance Cooling: Equipped with a strong fan that can provide strong airflow, every module guarantees effective heat dissipation even in the most demanding settings.

N+1 Redundancy: The N56128-FAN-F, like the N5596UP-FAN-B, protects your network from fan failure by enabling N+1 redundancy.

Hot-Swappable Design: This feature reduces downtime and maximizes operational efficiency by allowing the module to be changed without turning off the switch.

Advanced Monitoring and Control: For the best cooling and noise reduction, the N56128-FAN-F provides extensive temperature and fan speed monitoring in addition to intelligent fan control capabilities.

Environmental Compliance: The N56128-FAN-F, like the N5596UP-FAN-B, complies with stringent safety and environmental laws, guaranteeing responsible operation and peace of mind.

Beyond the Basics: Additional Considerations

Considerations for selecting between the N5596UP-FAN-B and N56128-FAN-F include the following:

  • Switch Compatibility: Verify that the fan module is compatible with the particular Cisco Nexus switch model that you own.
  • Data Center Layout: Based on your cooling needs and data center layout, select the airflow configuration (port-side or front-to-back).
  • Noise Levels: Take into account the noise sensitivity of your data center environment even though both modules offer intelligent fan control.
  • Redundancy Level: Considering the criticality and downtime tolerance of your network, ascertain the appropriate level of redundancy.

Application Scenarios:

Both the N56128-FAN-F and N5596UP-FAN-B are perfect for a range of applications, including big data centers and small office setups. They can manage the cooling requirements of a variety of Cisco equipment thanks to their adaptability.


The Cisco N5596UP-FAN-B and N56128-FAN-F are more than just cooling accessories; they are investments in the reliability and efficiency of your network. By choosing these state-of-the-art solutions, you are ensuring that your network infrastructure remains cool, efficient, and operational, even in the most demanding conditions.

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