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Cat6 Plenum Indoor Cable: When You Need Plenum Cables

by Davina
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Whenever you need to upgrade the network cables what is the first thing you think about — Speed, Length, or the desire to futureproof the cabling structure? Well, all this can be easily achievable with the “Cat6 Plenum Cable”. The right type of cable will give you fast data transmission and support the major ethernet applications. 

In this blog, you will learn about the cat6 plenum 1000ft cable, the UTP and STP ratings of the cable, Plenum jacket specs, and why it is an indoor cable. So, get your attention to this blog for a clear understanding of the bulk cat6 plenum cable. 

Performance Parameters of Cat6 Plenum Cable

For performance parameters of bulk Cat6 plenum cable, you need to split the cable parts and understand the terminology separately. So let’s do it in an easy way to make you aware of the right selection of the cable by reviewing the cable specs. 

First of all, the cable uses an RJ45 connector for termination and follows two wiring standards — T568A and T568B. Now, if you look inside the cable jacket the Cat6 plenum 1000ft cable has 4 twisted pairs with the following colors. 

  • Green and striped green
  • Blue and striped blue
  • Orange and striped orange
  • Brown and striped orange

These twisted pair designs are special to streamline the signal transmission and also the need to reduce the crosstalk within the cable. The crosstalk is said to be the overlapping of the external signal that may be considered as the signal killer and the performance may vary when the cable experiences maximum signal attenuation. 

The reason to use the RJ45 connector is to allow this cable to be used as backward compatibility so that you will get the desired speed offered by your ISP. Do not make assumptions that the cable will enhance the speed to gigabit if the speed server is not supporting gigabit speed. 

Speed Standards Of Bulk Cat6 Plenum

The bulk cat6 plenum 1000ft cable is known for its gigabit speed but that’s not the limit as this cable can also be able to deliver 10 Gbps speed but how. You are aware of the installation of the ethernet cables; they are mostly installed for longer lengths 100 meters (328ft) or for shorter distances 50 meters (164ft). 

The 23 AWG conductor size of the cable is suitable for the high bandwidth of 550 MHz which is ideal to provide enough volume to the data transmission as the cable thickness is quite acceptable for transferring the bulk information. 

The Cat6 plenum 1000ft bulk cable is the utmost desire to fulfill the need for fast networking. The following are the benefits of the Cat6 plenum cable;

  • Fast Data Transmission
  • Copper Conductor to strengthen the data transmission
  • 1/10 GbE speed with 550 MHz bandwidth
  • FEP material fire-resistant plenum (CMP) jacket
  • Ideal for longer distances
  • Durability and reliability
  • Performance-oriented
  • Can partially support 2.5 GHz ethernet and 5.0 GHz ethernet

These are the most acceptable benefits of the cable that may cast a better impact on the performance of your overall networking needs. The right time to upgrade to cat6 plenum 1000ft cable may be your best investment for the future. Wait, you might need to know about the Cat 6 shielded plenum cables when you need them. 

When You Need Cat 6 Plenum Shielded Cables?

Physically, the cat6 plenum shielded cables are the same as the UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) but when you look at the cable design you might feel a major difference as there is an additional shielding — Aluminum Foil or Braided Mess, and it is not wrong to say Cat 6 shielded plenum is an armored cable. 

U/FTP, F/UTP, S/UTP, S/FTP, and SF/FTP are the acronyms used to describe the cat6 plenum shielded ethernet cables. But what does it mean? 

  • U/FTP — Unshielded/Foil Twisted Pair
  • F/UTP — Foil/Unshielded Twisted Pair
  • S/UTP — Braided/Unshielded Twisted Pair
  • S/FTP — Braided/Foil Twisted Pair
  • SF/FTP — Braided and Foil/Foil Twisted Pair

U is for unshielded, F is for Aluminum Foil, S is for Braided Mess (Stranded), and TP is for Twisted pair for the ethernet cables. 

The need for Cat6 plenum shielded cables is in high demand when you are going to deploy the cable whether for longer runs or in an environment where there are high chances of interference. The CAT 6 shielded cables will restrict the insertion of stray signals into the cable and will improve the cable transmission speed consistently through the length. 

However, it is hard to install the shielded cables due to their reduced bending radius and the bulkier (weight) of the Cat 6 shielded plenum cables. 

Why is the Cat6 Plenum Cable Secured?

Cat6 plenum ethernet cables are the safest to meet the fire safety needs of the building. There are two possible installation locations within the building — vertical and horizontal. The bulk Cat6 plenum cable’s jacket is made of FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Polymers), a highly fire-resistant material to halt the progression of flames. The cat6 plenum ethernet cable also has LSZH material which enables the cable to emit non-toxic smoke. Which is the ultimate need for the plenum spaces of the tech buildings. 

The plenum spaces are the oxygenated and airy spaces that may be active to fire incident a little spark or heated cable can cause catastrophic results. So when there are fire safety regulations for installing cables plenum cables are best for installation. 

Why Is Cat6 Plenum An Indoor Cable?

The plenum is a UV-resistant cable and can hold temperatures from 0 to 60 degrees but there are some other factors that this cable lacks — waterproof behavior, moisture, or to directly use this cable underground for connecting other buildings. 

The Cat6 plenum 1000ft cable cannot be buried without any extra layer or protective sheath (Conduit). Cat6 Plenum copper cable is an expensive investment for your home or business needs, and installing this cable outside may be an extra investment. 

Final Words

The guide about the Cat6 plenum cable will give you the best speed specs and also the safety from fire to the minimum so that you can be secure. The expensive nature of bulk cat6 plenum cable is not necessary when you need to meet the fire safety standards of the building. 

This indoor cat6 plenum cable is suitable for only indoor installation points and you are not required to install or upgrade after shifting to the Cat6 plenum 1000ft cable. I hope this guide will help you in your buying or understanding of the nature of the plenum along with the Cat6 ethernet cable.

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