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Can International Students Use Loans For Rent in London?

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Whether you’re considering studying in London or are a current student, it would be helpful to compile the definitive student guide to highlight the unique qualities of this city. If you didn’t already know, London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and is home to an astounding 8 million people. Among them, 382,000 are students. You are surrounded by people from all different backgrounds when you live in London. This contributes to the city’s very varied and cultural atmosphere and makes it possible for you to form friendships with individuals from many walks of life. This is only one of the many distinctive qualities of this metropolis. 

London Student Housing 

The abundance of homes in London makes it easy to find student housing. London has a range of possibilities for student housing, from affordable shared rooms to private studios. Every property is made to specifically meet the demands of pupils. All around London, a large number of student housing providers provide completely furnished student accommodation in London. Popular universities like Imperial College London, King’s College London, University College London, Fordham University London, and London School of Economics and Political Science are all close to these student residences in London.  

Affordable student housing in London can be found in neighbourhoods like Zone 3 (Camden, Hackney, Haringey, Islington, Lambeth, and more) and Zone 9 (Amersham, Brentwood, and Chesham) by working with the best rental companies. Common forms of student housing in London include shared apartments, studio apartments, and en suites. On the majority of sites, property providers provide students all-inclusive bills and contemporary amenities for their London student housing! This enables students to efficiently manage their living expenses while enrolled in classes in London. 

Top student housing options in London: 

Students can choose from a wide variety of accommodations in London. These lodgings are completely furnished, high-quality, and reasonably priced. Whatever your budget, you can probably find a place to stay in the city that meets your needs. iQ Magenta House London is one of the greatest places to stay for students in London, offering nearly every kind of room imaginable. 

Can international students use loans for rent? 

Whether living on campus or off, room and board can be covered by student loan funds. In summary, students can utilise their federal or private student loans to cover living expenses such as rent each month. Nonetheless, a student’s choice of accommodation will have a significant impact on the total amount of debt that needs to be paid back in the future. 

The money will be delivered to you directly or to the school, where it will be given to you after the tuition has already been deducted, depending on your student loan. You might then decide how to use the money from the student loan, for example, to pay for your flat or other miscellaneous expenses. It’s a wise decision to choose your living situation for the next years of school because it lets you assess how much of your student loans may be used to cover rent. 

Make sure your education loan covers expenses other than tuition before you sign the paperwork or take out the loan. Examples of such expenses include paying for London student accommodation rent, utilities, and other expenses. 

More than ever, students must make the most of their student loans in order to pay for the majority of their educational costs. Remember that once the college of their choosing deducts tuition and fees, students only have access to the remaining portion of the loan. 

Dorms vs off-campus housing costs 

Not all sharing is caring. Renting Private student accommodation in London off-campus will be a preferable choice if you don’t like sharing your personal space with other people. Dorm living on campus has the potential to be costly and to burn a bigger hole in your wallet.  

Living away from campus will also benefit your interpersonal development because you’ll learn how to live on your own and take care of your surroundings. The protective bubble that university residence halls offer can help you step outside of your comfort zone. 

Living and studying in the same location might get boring and routine. By renting an apartment off-campus, you also elevate yourself to the status of king in your life. Having a flatmate or not is another option. Additionally, using student loans for off-campus housing makes living off-campus simple because you may use them for rent. 


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