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What Is Task Management Software? 10 Key Tools and More

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Task management software helps you manage the tasks of your mobile workforce efficiently. The software operates through various automation tools that we will discuss in this blog post. Keep reading to explore details.

Task management software optimizes task creation and tracking processes for remote employees. The software is an ideal solution for companies seeking improvement in their workforce efficiency.

You can also use the software to optimize the entire task management process while ensuring transparency. Furthermore, an employee task monitoring system is critical to managing resources efficiently.

Let’s now run into the key features and tools of employee task monitoring systems.

Key Tools of Task Management Software

Efficient task creation is of great advantage for both the employee and the employer. A task management system comes with various tools to streamline the task management process. Regardless of your company size and the type of industry, you can invest in this software for improved efficiency. Given below are key tools for employee task monitoring software. 

  • Assign Bulk Tasks to Employees

You can bid adieu to the mismanagement of employee tasks with task management software. The managers can assign tasks in bulk on either a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to their remote workforce. As a result, the employees can simply visit the software to know their daily tasks rather than reach their managers.

  • Efficient Ad-Hoc Tasks Creation

Ad-hoc task allocation is the greatest feature of employee task monitoring systems. This feature works on the principle that urgent tasks can come at any time in the organization. With an ad-hoc task allocation tool, you can manage these types of tasks more efficiently.

  • Real-Time Status Monitoring

The management of your organization can make more well-informed decisions with real-time status monitoring tools of task management systems. How? This feature provides real-time insights into task status and the whereabouts of field employees.

To illustrate, suppose you want to assign an ad-hoc client visit to your field employee. Then, you can simply visit the software to know the live location of your entire field staff.

  • Task-Attendance Linking

It is undeniable that proxy attendance is a common challenge that you must face while managing your field force. Agreed? Well, this challenge is easy to combat with an employee task monitoring system. You can link the employee tasks with their attendance. This means that your remote workforce can mark their attendance from the location of the first task of the day.

  • Distance and Duration Breakup

Employee task monitoring software also provides distance traveled and duration breakup reports for a remote workforce. This software-generated report covers the miles traveled by the employees along with the exact time taken to reach the client’s site. It is an ideal tool for your business if you pay-per-mile to your remote workforce.

  • Custom Forms and Attachments

Feedback is critical for the growth and expansion of the company. Task management software also helps you take employee feedback, field surveys or gather data seamlessly with custom form creation on the software. Furthermore, storing data online and sharing attachments becomes easy.

  • Insightful Task Reports

A task management system helps your senior management save time and make well-informed decisions. It provides access to data-driven auto reports for remote employees. These software-generated reports cover target vs. achievement, task duration, and much more. What’s more? Software like TrackoField also provides a backup feature for six months.

  • Self-Task Allocation

What if the manager is not available to work due to some medical emergency? How will your remote workforce manage their tasks? Employee task monitoring solution holds your back here also. It enables your field employees to allocate tasks by themselves. All they need to do is log in to their task management software and assign tasks to themselves.

  • System Integration and Customization

When hiring any manpower for your business, you always consider a candidate who is capable of multitasking. Agreed? Similarly, it is significant to select employee task-monitoring software that provides seamless integration and customization options. This will streamline your end-to-end business operations.

  • Scanner Support

Task management systems like TrackoField can also be used to fetch product details instantly at the client’s site. It provides scanner support within the software system. Your mobile workforce can fetch the order details with a finger click.


Streamlining the task management process in your business has become a lot easier with an employee monitoring solution. The software provides various tools to optimize the entire process. But the question is which is the best software for your business. Eh, the answer is TrackoField. Want to try it? Book your demo now!

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