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Grief Counselling Calgary: Understanding Your Grief

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Calgary grief counselling is a method of psychological support provided to individuals who have gone through loss. A loss can be triggered by the death of friends, family members or loved pets; by difficult life transitions or by the illness or disability of oneself or a loved one. Grief can be defined as an emotional and physical response to loss. However, while it’s important to understand that it’s a perfectly normal reaction, you should never ignore the signs and symptoms of grief if they get too severe or out of hand. Using grief counselling calgary services of Sana Psychoogical could help you cope with the loss and lessen the duration of your grief process if you make an effort to work through the stages of loss as a whole.

When Should You Have Grief Counselling?

We go through life, experiencing different situations and circumstances that can bring about feelings of joy, sadness, anger, or happiness. However if you have suffered a loss and have not been able to recognize your grief correctly, then this can delay your healing process and cause imbalances in your body. Physically, the stress and anxiety that you feel can manifest themselves in many different ways, some of the common physical manifestations of grief are:  

Stress headaches

Difficulty sleeping

Body aches and pain

Illness and fatigue

So, when should you seek grief counselling? The answer is when your grief will not quiet within you. When anxiety, panic and stress take over your life, when you are unable to process your thoughts, when you’re unable to function properly in your daily activities and routine, when your pain cannot be expressed in words or sobs that cannot come out of your chest, when your grief is appearing in physical manifestations – it’s time to seek grief counselling calgary

How Do Therapists Help With Grief?

A Calgary grief therapist offers support and guidance in identifying whether or not your beliefs about your loss might be hindering you. They’ll also help you and your loved ones find healthy ways of dealing with grief. A therapist can provide a space for you to explore or discuss things you may be too afraid or uncomfortable to talk about with friends and family.

People often find themselves consumed by their emotions. This can cause them to neglect their physical and mental health and suffer from anxiety, depression, and guilt, among other illnesses. Grief therapy can help people understand the grieving process, remind them there’s more than one way to grieve, help them honour the deceased without trauma, allow them to move past their loss into self-care, and reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety they’re experiencing.

Understanding Best Psychological Services:-

Psychological services means a service offered by a psychologist, social worker, or other appropriate practitioner which provides therapeutic treatment of mental or emotional disorders (grief, anger, anxiety) or substance abuse. Some best psychological services Calgary are very helpful during grief counselling. Such as –

1.Individual Counselling, 2.Adolescent Counseling, 3. Couples Counseling, 4. Online Therapy, 5.Occupational Therapy, 6.Cognitive Assessment

Specialties: Different special services are also offered by our company to relief from grief like Anxiety Therapy,

Depression Counselling,

Anger Management,

Trauma Therapy,

PTSD Therapy,

Divorce Counselling,

Sports Psychology.

Models of Therapy: Different psychotherapy is also Used during grief counselling. This includes 

EDMR Therapy

CBT Therapy

Mindfulness Therapy

Prolonged Exposure Therapy

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy


Lastly, trying to deal with your loss alone can only make matters worse. Make sure that you know where you can get support from so that you don’t feel like you’re walking a path of hopelessness. Grief counselling in Calgary are available, and finding the right one to suit your needs may very well help lessen the duration of your grief process when working through the stages of loss on your own won’t suffice. 

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