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Getaway to St. Simons Island, GA

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If there was a place on the Georgia coast we would consider moving to if the opportunity presented itself, it might be St. Simons. I’ve been to St. Simons Island several times now and Mark and I went together 5 years ago and he loved it too. St. Simons is a beautiful coastal town on the Golden Isles of Georgia and I can see why people fall in love with it. I’m sure lots of retirees move there. What’s not to love? You’ve got the coast, the picturesque marshes, delicious cuisine, and those draping with moss oak trees that always make me stare. I just love those trees! We likely won’t ever move there, but we’ve dreamed about having a house there if it was affordable. With Mark’s family here in Atlanta, I doubt we will ever move far from here, but it’s fun to dream! St. Simons is a little bit magical.

We were hosted on this 2 night getaway by Hotel Simone. I was invited to come back to St. Simons and stay in this pretty 24 suite boutique hotel. They are owned by the same company as the King and Prince Resort (MMI Hotel Group), which we stayed at last time. I’ve been to King and Prince several times and it’s a delightful place to stay as well. Hotel Simone is just a block away from the resort and you can take advantage of all their amenities too.

Hotel Simone is very welcoming, with a very attentive staff and walking in the door and seeing the cute coastal lobby, I could move right in here. It was just my style! A laid back island vibe greets you immediately. With a complimentary breakfast included, it’s a nice place to stay. We enjoyed our two nights there very much and the plus was, it’s pet friendly so we could take Daisy with us. When we travel now, we always have to think about our Daisy girl and when we go on  longer trips, we get friends to come and stay with her. Shorter trips are a little more challenging, since we don’t have family members who can keep her (they all have dogs of their own and that would be problematic) and Mark would never dream of boarding her, she’s our princess. So when we can take her with us, we do!

We got a beautiful king suite, with a bedroom, living room, dining area with mini-kitchen. It truly was a spacious suite and perfect for our stay.

Breakfast options are cold breakfast items, like cereal, bagels, and muffins and a hot option as well. I had biscuits and white sausage gravy one morning. I haven’t had that in ages since my mama used to make it. We always love having breakfast included.

There’s also a pool on the rooftop deck and fitness center for use. The King and Prince is a short 1 block walk away. There are two restaurants right across the street and we ate at Crabdaddy’s again this trip and it was good.Having several restaurants nearby was also a plus.

We love that St. Simons is so walkable and riding bikes is a big thing too. It’s flat there, so perfect for riding bikes at your leisure without having to work so hard. The Hotel Simone also offers free bikes to use, so we did that on the full day we were there. We made the most of that day and got up and walked to the village first with Daisy and then we came back and got bikes to ride the other direction.

St. Simons has such picturesque homes and cottages. This one really caught my eye, I love everything about it. I think it’s new, but built to look old. Isn’t this so charming?

Again, the trees are just amazing and they are like works of art all over this area. People don’t cut them down, they build around them. I often wonder if they get in the way and mess up foundations and sidewalks. They are massive and oh so gorgeous!

We walked and I took pics of all the beauty around me, so this is what we saw on that walk.

Charming homes galore! This guest house or garage goes with the next photo, this is all one property.

Isn’t is gorgeous?

I think this is an apartment building or condo, but it’s very charming as well.

Then there’s the St. Simon’s Lighthouse. I’ve been to the top of this a few times and the views are stunning. It’s one of the prettiest lighthouses ever, I think.

We strolled along the broad sidewalk to the pier.

These trees in the park there are always beautiful to look at. Walking along here is good for the soul.

We had a beautiful day of low 60’s weather.

Daisy had fun too!

Love those trees.

The pier of St. Simons.

We took Daisy back and got bikes. She did fine in the room while we were gone. Another peek at a cute cottage.

The homes made of tabby are plentiful in this area and they are fascinating. I love this material and it looks right at home on the coast. If you’ve never heard of tabby, it’s a mixture of oyster shells and sand/water/ash.

We saw so many homes with tabby used. You can see it here on the pillars of the house.

I loved the color combo here, light blue and lime green.

This house was so adorable and charming. When we went by there one time on our bikes after passing it earlier, there was a lady sitting on the swing and I called out “we love your house!”. She brightened up and said thank you back. I’m sure she’s proud of her cottage home.

Another charmer.

There are too many to count, I barely scratched the surface.

This neighborhood, which we saw last time we were there has a huge park of trees in the middle and it’s so gorgeous.

Love this one too.

This great egret was a beauty and we went right past him on our bikes. I had to stop and get a picture and he let me.

East Beach in St. Simons. We really enjoyed our bike ride once again and made the most of our one whole day there. I wouldn’t mind going back for a whole week sometime. It would be a very relaxing vacation.

The beaches are different from the Florida gulf, but they have their own beauty as well.

We walked over to the King & Prince a couple of times and had dinner there the second night. We were treated to a gift card to help with dinner and that was nice. It’s a beautiful place and I can always count on it to stay the same, in a good way.

I love their fire pit outside by the pool, it always looks so inviting during a chilly evening.

Late afternoon at the King & Prince. We had a lovely dinner in Echo and this was our view. The sunsets on the Georgia coast are stunning!

I had delicious grouper tacos and a tasty drink. We really enjoyed our evening at Echo and left there fully satisfied.

Creme brulee for dessert, which is a fave for both of us. It was all so yummy!

Those sunsets!

Beautiful views…what more could you want?!

Back of the King and Prince.

Walking home to Hotel Simone, we had a lovely time and evening there in St. Simons. Even though it was a short getaway of two nights, we made the most of it. Maybe we’ll go back another time and stay even longer. We have always enjoyed our time there. We even made time on this same day to head over to Jekyll Island, so I’ll share that visit with you too. It is a beautiful island as well and I’m so glad we took the time to go over and explore a bit.

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