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Chipped Tooth: Everything Which You Must Know About

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Tooth enamel is the strongest and hardest outermost layer of the teeth. But it comes with its own limitations. Excessive wear and tear along with any forceful blow can lead to chipped teeth. It makes the appearance dull leaving a tender and sharp surface.

No matter if you get chipping on front or back teeth, this blog entails every fact on this dental condition that you should know. So, don’t miss to read it out.

Symptoms of chipped tooth

In case the chip is minimal and at back of the teeth, it is impossible to know about it unless you develop some symptoms that include:

  • Gum irritation around chipped tooth
  • Feeling of jagged surface while running the tongue on the teeth
  • Tongue irritation due to rough and uneven edge
  • Intense pain because of biting pressure put on the tooth from chip close to nerves

Causes of the chipped tooth

You can get chipped tooth because of a number of reasons including:

  • Teeth grinding at the time of sleeping
  • Car accidents or falls
  • Playing any contact sports with no mouth guard
  • Biting on hard substances like hard candy or ice

During the appointment with the dentist you can discuss about chipped tooth repair cost as it relies on the severity, dentist’s experience, location and many others.

Risk factors of the chipped tooth

Some potential risk factors of chipped tooth are:

  • Cavities and decay wears down the enamel and large fillings make the teeth weak
  • Grinding wear down the enamel
  • Consumption of acid-producing items like spicy foods, coffee and fruit juices will break down enamel exposing the teeth surface
  • Sugar hosts bacteria that invade the enamel
  • Heartburn and acid reflux can bring up the stomach acid in the mouth damaging the enamel
  • Excessive drinking and eating disorders cause vomiting which emits enamel-attacking acid
  • Enamel wears down with age and hence you are at risk after 50 to get chipped tooth

Which teeth get more chipped?

Any weak tooth can get chipped. However, as per the study, second lower molars face more pressure during chewing making it vulnerable to chipping. Sometimes, intact teeth can chip as well.

Complications of chipped tooth

Extensive chipping can affect the tooth’s root badly resulting in infection. At that time, you have to undergo root canal treatment. Complexities of chipping are in the below:

  • Pain at the time of eating
  • Swollen glands near jaw and neck
  • Sour taste of bad breath
  • Fever
  • Sensitivity to extreme temperatures

How dentist diagnoses a chipped tooth?

Dentist can detect the chipped tooth through visible dental assessment. However, they will look for other symptoms and inquire about the events resulted in chipping for selecting the correct treatment method.

What are the treatment options of chipped tooth?

On visiting the dentist, you must undergo dental exams to determine the most suitable treatment options for you. You must ask about chipped front tooth repair cost as it relies completely on symptoms, severity and location. Until you experience extreme pain from this condition, it is not an emergency dentistry.

About straightening the teeth using lingual braces

However, it is important to schedule the appointment on an earliest note for avoiding the further infection or damage of the teeth. Here are some most recommended treatment options for chipped tooth:

  • Tooth reattachment

If a fragment comes off, you should retain the moisture by soaking it in milk. It will keep the calcium alive. You can also tuck it into the gums but make sure that you are not going to swallow it. During the dental appointment, the dentist will cement the fragment perfectly to the affected tooth.

  • Bonding

This makes use of plastic or composite resin material or porcelain (ceramic layer) for defining the shape of affected tooth. After applying the resin, dentist uses UV lights for hardening and drying up the material. In the end, they will polish the layer to mimic the appearance of natural teeth. Interestingly, with proper care and maintenance it will last for 10 long years.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

  • Porcelain veneer

Prior to place the veneer, dentist will scrape off some amount of enamel so that it fits snugly. However, dentist needs to take dental impression for the creation of customised veneer.

In the meantime, they will give you temporary veneer to commence the treatment. Once, the permanent veneer becomes ready, dentist bonds it over your teeth. As it is lab-made using sturdy material, it will last for 30 long years.

  • Dental Onlays

While chip affects a tooth part then dentist will prefer doing dental onlays. Often this treatment is suitable for chipped molar tooth. For significant damage, you will need dental crown.During onlay procedure, dentist will administer anaesthesia so that it is carried out perfectly.

In some cases, dentist will take dental mould for the creation of onlay. Due to technological advancement now porcelain onlays are milled in the clinic to offer to the patients the same day. It can last for over decades but it relies on your diet, the pressure teeth experience and how you care them.  

Self-care tips for chipped tooth treatment

Though it is imperative to seek professional treatment for chipped tooth yet you can follow the given tips for alleviating the intent of injury.

  • Put on a mouth-guard while playing sports and if you grind the teeth at night
  • Apply clove oil for alleviating the pain and numbing the area
  • Don’t chew with chipped tooth
  • Floss regularly for removing the trapped food particles
  • Apply ice on the cheek if chipping leads to irritation
  • Take anti-inflammatory pain reliever like ibuprofen
  • Place temporary teeth filling like dental wax, sugar-free gum and teabag for protecting the gums and tongue

Cost to fix chipped tooth depends on a number of factors. First of all, dentist will find out which tooth chips off, extent of the chipping, if pulp gets exposed or not, location and experience of the dentist also matters.

Relying on these aspects, they will take additional charge for tooth smoothing and planning, reattachment, bonding, onlays and veneers. You must consult with the dentist before hand to know which option suits your condition the most.


Chipped tooth is considered as a typical dental injury. Although it doesn’t let you experience pain but you can treat it through a number of dental works. However, this condition is not a dental emergency yet you should seek proper treatment as fast as you can to limit the occurrence of other dental problems. Before arranging the appointment with a dentist, find out the clinic that offers affordable chipped front tooth repair cost in the UK without compromising the quality. Getting the treatment from Thousand Smile London you can save money while opting for quality dental work at the same time.

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